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Elementary 1 初級華語課程(一)課程大綱


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    • 資料來源:華語中心
    • 日期:2023/02/17






    • 上課時間:每周5天,每天3節課,每學季上課11週,共165小時。
    • 班級人數:5-10人



    • 本課程適合未學過華語者(或學習華語時數每周未達6小時且總時數未達150小時者)。
    • 本課程使學生能兼顧聽、說、讀、寫四方面的語文能力,使學生生活不因語言不通而有障礙,並期望學生能透過課程進一步了解華語及台灣文化。
    • 為營造沈浸式教學環境,本課程上課以中文為主。





    • 了解拼音規則,並能正確發音。
    • 學會寫正體字、認讀正體字。
    • 了解華語基本句型及語序、架構。
    • 能習得每客目標,如自我介紹、說明時間、買賣購物等。
    • 能理解並運用每天熟悉、與自己生活高度相關的語言知識來表達己見,在華人社會與他人進行簡單對話。
    • 對於他人較為緩慢且清晰的談話能簡單反應。



    • 出席及平時表現成績:20%
               - 每節課遲到或早退20分鐘以上即缺席一節課。
    • 平時作業成績:20%
               - 請按時繳交,否則將以0分計或酌情扣分。
    • 平時小考成績:20%
              - 含聽寫與各課單元考試。
    • 期中考試:20%
              - 含聽力與口語表達測驗。
    • 期末考試:20%
              - 含聽力與口語表達測驗




    • 每天課後需花2小時以上預習、複習與書寫作業。請確實做到課前預習、課後複習,方能不耽誤課程進度,並能提升學習效率。
    • 請尊重本地文化、遵守CLC與授課教師公告的規定。亦請尊重CLC教師與行政職員。
    • 若無法到課,請按規定寫電子郵件向老師請假。


    • 課堂上:     
               - 請準時上課,不要遲到、早退。每節課遲到或早退20分鐘以上,均視同缺席一節課。
               - 請勿抽菸、喝酒和吃東西。
               - 除課程需要外,課堂上皆不使用手機或其他電子產品。
               - 請說中文。切勿用中文以外的語言。
               - 請專心聽講,勿交頭接耳或與同學閒聊。
               - 請記得帶課本和作業簿
               - 請準時交作業
               - 請尊重同學的發言權和受教權,也請尊重授課教師。若上課中有學生  離題,或發生同學之間,
                  或師生之間的爭執,教師有權視情況打斷學生發  言,以維護課程順利進行。
               - 請共同建立平等尊重的環境,禁止歧視嚴刑。請避免任何與宗教、國 籍、種族、性別、性傾向



    Chinese Language Center, Cheng Shiu University

    Elementary 1 Syllabus

    • This tentative syllabus may be adjusted according to students’ level and ability. The final syllabus will be offered by the teachers of each class.

    Course Title:Elementary 1


    Course Information:

    • Contact hours:5 days/week, 3 hours/day; 165 hours/semester.
    • Class size: limited to 5 to 10 students.

    Course Description:

    -  This course is for those who have never learned Chinese before (or those whose learning hours are less than 6 hours/week and total learning hours are less than 150 hours).

    -  The course is designed to train students in all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will be able to deal with their daily issues without obstacles. This course will also increase students’ knowledge of Chinese cultures.

    -  This course will be conducted primarily in Chinese.


    Course Materials:

    Modern ChineseⅠtextbook and workbook (Cheng Chung Bookstore) and Supplement materials may be selected and used.


    Learning Objectives:

    This course is designed to assist students in acquiring or enhancing the following skills:

    • To know the pronunciation rules and pronounce every word correctly.
    • To read and write traditional characters.
    • To know basic sentence patterns, word order and sentence structure.
    • To perform the target skills of each lesson, such as self-introduction, indicating time, do shopping, etc.
    • To understand daily Chinese and express themselves and have simple conversations with native speakers in Chinese.
    • To react to other’s slow and well-pronounced talk.


    • Attendance and Class Participation: 20%

         -  Students and absent for 1 hour, if they are 20-minute late or

                 leave the class 20 minutes earlier than scheduled.

    • Homework/Written Assignment: 20%

            -  Homework should be submitted on time. Late submission willresult in deduction or 0-score on the homework grade.

    • Quizzes: 20%

      - Quizzes include dictations and exams for each lesson.

    • Midterm Exam: 20%

      - Midterm exam includes listening test and oral test.

    • Final Exam: 20%

             - Final exam includes listening test and oral test.

          ※The evaluation standards may be adjusted.



    Class Regulation:

    • Students are expected to spend more than 2 hours on previewing, reviewing and doing homework to catch up class and improve learning efficiency.
    • Students are expected to local cultures and follow both CLC and instructor’s regulations. Students are expected to treat their fellow students, teachers and CLC staff respectfully.
    • Students should email their teachers in advance if they need to ask for absence.
    • During the class:

    - Attend the class on time. Don’t be late, and don’t leave the class earlier than scheduled. If students are 20-minute late or leave the class 20 minutes earlier than scheduled, they are considered absent for 1 hour. 

    - No smoking, wine-drinking, or eating.

    - No cellphone and digital device unless it is required for class.

    - Speak Chinese only.

    - Keep focused in class, no chats in class.

    - Bring your textbook and workbook.

    - Submit homework on time.

    - Respect classmates and teachers. The teacher has rights to interrupt a student’s speech if he/she digresses or a dispute occurs between students or between students and the teacher.

    - No discriminations on religion, nationality, race, sex, gender, etc. Any speeches and acts of discrimination will be stopped immediately and the student who makes improper speech/acts may be asked to leave the class if needed.

           ※The regulations may be adjusted.